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On Bioengineering

As a family owned and operated business – we care about the safety and quality of the food you eat.

As bioengineered ingredients gain popularity in our global food supply, we can understand the questions arising about this technology.

On food safety and transparency, we agree with the global consensus of the food and safety regulatory bodies that approved genetically modified ingredients are safe.

• The U.N. World Health Organization (WHO)
• The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
• The European Food Safety Authority
• The U.S. Food and Drug Administration
• The U.S. Department of Agriculture
• The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

To remove some of the stigma associated around bioengineered crops –

Bioengineered crops are not new, in fact they have been in grocery stores for more than 20 years. Bioengineered foods are defined as an ingredient that is derived from a bioengineered crop that has been modified through laboratory techniques for which the modification could not be obtained through nature or conventional breeding. Foods can be bioengineered for many reasons, however most existing crops have been genetically engineered to increase resistance to insects, improve the yield of the crop, and create a more reliable and consistent crop. This is important in relation to the topic of food scarcity worldwide, the creation and use of genetically engineered crops could be important to global food security by delivering a delicious crop that is resistant to extreme temperatures and drought.

We offer transparency –

Due to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s new finalized rules for the national disclosure standard, we have added a QR code on our packaging that is allowed under the rule.

The following meals are subject to Bioengineering disclosure:

Steak N Corn
Bites N Taters
Single Serve Chicken Enchiladas
Multi Serve Chicken Enchiladas

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