image of Steak 'n Taters meal

Steak ‘n Taters

A Night Hawk classic! A delicious charbroiled chopped steak complimented with Night Hawk’s own steak sauce and a hearty helping of golden brown potato rounds.

image of Beef 'n Gravy meal with tater tots

Beef Patty ‘n Gravy

Generations have enjoyed this complete meal that includes Night Hawk’s own charbroiled beef patty with brown gravy, potato rounds, and sweet corn.

Taste of Texas meal (beef patty with beans and cornbread)

Taste of Texas

Get your very own “Taste of Texas” with this classic Night Hawk dinner. Our famous charbroiled beef patty is smothered in savory gravy and served with western style beans and melt-in-your-mouth cornbread.

image of Steak 'n Corn meal

Steak ‘n Corn

One of the original Night Hawk products! Charbroiled chopped steak with Night Hawk’s own steak sauce accompanied by sweet corn as a side dish.

image of Steak 'n Mac meal

Steak ‘n Mac

A generous portion of creamy macaroni and cheese, made with real cheddar cheese, makes a perfect side dish for Night Hawk’s famous charbroiled Top Chop’t® Steak.

image of Western Charbroil meal ( steak with cheesy potatoes)

Western Charbroil

Our delicious charbroiled beef patty and cheesy potatoes come together in this unique and delicious Night Hawk favorite.

image of Top Chop't meal with baked potato topped mashed potatoes

Top Chop’t Classic

The Top Chop’t Classic has our Night Hawk favorite Top Chop’t® Steak paired with mashed potatoes topped with two classic baked potato toppings: shredded cheddar cheese and real bacon bits. This classic will satisfy any steak and potato lover.

image of Beef 'n Mashed Potatoes meal with corn

Beef Patty ‘n Mashed Potatoes

Our charbroiled beef patty is matched with flavorful sweet corn and mashed potatoes topped with bacon and cheese. This will surely become a Texas favorite.

image of Salisbury Steak 'n Mashed Potatoes meal

Salisbury Steak ‘n Mashed Potatoes

We start with our traditional Night Hawk Salisbury steak and add to that delicious mashed potatoes topped with bacon and cheese, this meal will surely satisfy the meat and potato lovers all over Texas.

image of Beef Patty 'N Gravy with Borracho Beans

Beef Patty ‘N Gravy with Borracho Beans

Adding a little kick to the beans.  Our charbroiled beef patty along with a long time hidden recipe for our borracho beans will be sure to add an extra kick to your meal.

Meatloaf with Mac 'N Cheese and Green Beans

Meatloaf with Mac ‘N Cheese and Green Beans

Bringing back the Night Hawk meatloaf. Green beans topped with our famous butter sauce and the always delicious Night Hawk mac ‘n cheese.

Charbroiled Bites 'N Taters

Charbroiled Bites ‘N Taters

Night Hawk’s first finger food. Charbroiled beef bites are a delicious treat with our specially made country gravy and golden potato rounds. Great for a snack, lunch, or dinner.

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