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Our Story

Our story is a bit of a Texas food legend! The Night Hawk name originated from the Night Hawk Steakhouse diners that operated in Austin, Texas, from 1932 through the early '90s. Our diners were open all night, catering to the late-night crowd, thus inspiring the name Night Hawk. The first frozen Night Hawk TV dinner was produced in 1964, and for sixty years, Night Hawk Foods has been producing frozen dinners to satisfy people of all ages, including our Steak 'n Taters and the original Beef Patty 'n Gravy, among other family favorites.

With operations based in Buda, Texas, our focus is on food safety, quality, and customer satisfaction, and we surely love what we do. All our branded products feature delicious, charbroiled meats. Charbroiling sears in the natural juices of the meat and provides a one-of-a-kind taste that both adults and kids have been enjoying for years. In 2020, we expanded our brand to include Night Hawk Fiesta, fulfilling customers' desire for a tasty enchilada dinner with a side of rice and beans.

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 Wheels in Motion

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Every story has its beginnings. For Night Hawk, Charles Hill, pictured here, is the man who set our wheels in motion. His vision, combined with his work ethic, is responsible for our beginnings. His enduring spirit and commitment to quality set our wheels in motion each day as we proudly produce and distribute Night Hawk Foods for our loyal customers from our factory in Buda, Texas.

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