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Our Team

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The Night Hawk Frozen Foods era began over 60 years ago, and in 2023, we proudly brought together our team of food Super Heroes collectively known as The Power Five. These important players in the frozen food world are delicious additions to the Night Hawk lineup. The Power Five pack an equal combination of protein and flavor, making them perfect for any food gathering. They offer the ideal blend to enhance the evolving story of Night Hawk Frozen Foods.


Meet A-Lot-A® Enchilada, the sizzling sensation of Night Hawk Foods Enchilada Fiesta! She’s spicy, she’s fun and she’s always the belle of the fiesta, with her zesty personality and irresistible charm.  A-Lot-A® Enchilada brings the perfect blend of flavors and excitement to any gathering.  She’s the ultimate entertainer, dancing to the rhythm of her own mariachi.  Her saucy sense of humor and spicy wit are always a hit, leaving everyone craving more of her fiery antics. Get ready to salsa your way to a deliciously entertaining time with A-Lot-A® Enchilada, the spiciest enchilada in town!  Olé!




Meat Broiled, Char Broiled™.  Night Hawk Foods' suave and debonair James Bond “esque” beef patty with a license to grill.  Char Broiled is not just a pretty face, he’s loaded with protein and packed with flavor.  His savory persona is a delicious representation of the premium quality that Night Hawk Frozen Foods is known for. 

Char Broiled takes pride in being the epitome of a classic all-American Top Chop't™ Classic, made with care and attention to detail.

When Char Broiled is on the scene, he brings excitement and flavor to every meal.  Whether he’s chilling in the oven or dazzling in your microwave, Char Broiled is a true legend in the Night Hawk Foods line up.  If you are looking for a dashing, hero to add protein-packed excitement to your plate, look no further than Char Broiled from Night Hawk.  The name’s Broiled, Char Broiled.




Corn E.™, the kernel king of Night Hawk Foods, is a pun tastic jokester with an ear for dad jokes. With his warm and fun personality, he’s always cracking up the room, even if his corny jokes are a-maize-ingly cheesy.  Corn E.™ believes he is the funniest cob in town, and he makes the perfect side dish complement to several Night Hawk meals.  From corny one liners to rib-tickling puns, Corn E.™ humor is always on the husk of hilarity.  He’s the life of the party, popping up with laughter wherever he goes.

CORN E.png


Mac-Nificent® is not your ordinary pasta.  This little noodle is not only deliciously cheesy but also a master of illusion.  Mac-Nificent® was born in a box of Night Hawk Steak ‘n Mac, where she spent most of her existence until she was magically brought to life by a rogue spell. As a young noodle, Mac-Nificent® had a passion for performing magic tricks.  Her parents didn’t approve at first, thinking it was just a phase, but soon realized that their little Mac had a talent for sleight of hand.

Mac-Nificent® quickly rose to fame in the pasta world, dazzling audiences with tricks and cheesy puns. Despite her success as a magician, Mac-Nificent® never forgot her roots  as a Night Hawk Foods noodle.  She remained loyal to her brand, even performing at their annual company picnic every year.  Now Mac spends her days traveling the world, performing at pasta festivals and entertaining audiences everywhere she goes.  She may be just a pasta noodle but she’s a superstar in the eyes of Night Hawk Foods fans everywhere.



Meet Tater-Tastic®, Night Hawk Foods' little spud that went from common tater to a highly grated potato superstar!  Tater isn’t a couch potato, he’s a sporty little spud who’s always up for adventure.  Originally a humble potato, this tater turned tasty treat is a beloved side to several Night Hawk meals.  Tater-Tastic® is always ready to spice things up with his tater-riffic personality.   This talented tater is sure to make you smile as you chow down on some delicious Night Hawk Foods.

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